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FormaliSE 2016

Next month (15 May to be precise) I will be attending a workshop in Austin, Texas. It is a workshop I organise myself together with my colleague and (by now) friend Stefania Gnesi. The workshop is organised under auspices of Formal Methods Europe. It is sponsored by my employer West IT, ISTI-CNR (the institution Stefania works for), and also by myself i.e. my company Thanos. The name of the workshop is FormaliSE: FME Workshop on Formal Methods in Software Engineering. It is co-located with the mainstream international conference on Software Engineering ICSE.


TEMPO: Enabling Decentralised Road Traffic Management

TEMPO (TMS Experiment with Mobility in the Physical world using Overture) is a project that will develop technology to assist a move to decentralised and distributed control for Traffic Management Systems (TMSs). TEMPO will create a basis for new approaches to distributed traffic management, contributing to smarter, greener and more integrated transport and facilitating the introduction of cooperative vehicles without sacrificing vehicle safety or the robustness of the traffic network.